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Map of Serbia 

The National AIDS Strategy for Serbia can be found here.


Fondation Partnerships in Health with its partner organization in Serbia “Partnerstvo za Zdravlje” would like to express their gratitude to all partners, institutions and individuals for all the support given to the development and implementation of the “Western Balkans HIV and AIDS Programme".

We would like to thank the following organizations and individuals in particular
  • Ministry of Health, Serbia
  • Secretariat of the UNTG on HIV/AIDS, Serbia (Dr. Miljana Lana Grbic and Mr. Milos Stojanovic
  • GF PIU
  • Simona Drljaca (Development Programme Section, Embassy of Sweden) 
  • Dr Djordje Jevtovic, Head, Center for HIV, Institute for Infectious Diseases, Belgrade
  • Dr Jelena Brkovic, Institute for Adictive Diseases, Belgrade
  • Prim dr sc med Verica Lela Ilić, Epidemiologist, subspecialist for HIV/AIDS
  • Roche and Janssen Cilag for financial support contribution to Third Regional Conference, held in Sarajevo
  • And to all other national and international partners whose contribution has made our project a success.

Reducing stigma and discrimination among PHC providers through Basic HIV/AIDS training

Experience from the Western Balkans


The stigma and discrimination associated with HIV/AIDS are major concerns to people suspected of or confirmed to be HIV positive. These individuals experience discrimination in all aspects of their lives, however most disturbing is the discrimination encountered within the health care setting.

To respond to this issue.....click here to read more

List of local non-governmental organisations (NGOs) working in the HIV and AIDS sector in Serbia

 Organization Phone number Address, e-mail  Main area of work 
 Yugoslav association against AIDS (JAZAS) 011263 66 75

AIDS info phone: 0112432192
 Brankova 18, Beograd


HIV prevention through education and outreach work with vulnerable populations, mostly sex workers
 Youth of JAZAS

011/330 2000

011/324 82 35, AIDS info line, working days 17-12h

27. marta 35, Beograd



HIV prevention through information and education, especially through peer education programs. Youth of JAZAS has branches in many towns in Serbia

011/329 19 16

011/27 51 209

063/864 7624 (Mobile unit)

Višnjička 28,

Karaburma, Beograd

Mobile unit vezango@gmail.com,


Harm reduction program for injecting drug users, including voluntary counselling and HIV testing for its beneficiaries

021/427 077

064/1989931; 063/ 7262646 (mobile unit)

Working days 17 – 20h


Novi Sad

Mobile unit

Harm reduction program for injecting drug users

065/5540405, 064/15308739

From:10 - 14h

018/535 000

From:14:30 - 17:30

Jovana Skerlića 23, Niš info@putokaz.org.rs Harm reduction program for injecting drug users
SPY (Safe Pulse of Youth)  011/245-7072 Alekse Nenadovića 12/9
Out-reach HIV prevention activities (education and information) among MSM
Red Cross of Serbia 011/2621 574 011/2634 348 

Simina 19, Beograd


Different ways on HIV prevention, especially among youth
Red Line (Ecumenical Humanitarian Organization)

021/ 466-588

021/ 469-616

Ćirila i Metodija 21, Novi Sad

Continuously active in HIV and STI prevention programs
Duga, Šabac 064/140-4137 7 oktobra 1 Jevremovac 15000 Sabac HIV prevention among MSM population
NSHC (Novi Sad Humanitarian Centre) 021 422-969, 021423-021, 021423024

Novi Sad
Vojvodanskih brigada 28/1


HIV prevention, in particular in Roma population
More than Help, AID+
Skadarska 41, Belgrade
Association of PLHIV, providing counselling for PLHIV
Q Club

011/330 2000

011/324 82

27. marta 35, Beograd

Association of PLHIV, providing self help groups and implementing treatment literacy project
Sunce, Nis

063/717 21 27

064/154 97 32

17h - 20h

Support for PLHIV
PaO2, Pančevo

013/333 642

Tuesdays 16h-20h

Svetog Save 10, Pančevo

Support for PLHIV

011/36 72 970

011/36 72 971

011/30 65 445

9h - 17h

Ive Popovića - Đanija 4,


Charitable fund of the Serbian Orthodox Church which is providing palliative care for PLHIV. It provides psychosocial, medical, spiritual and emergency care for PLHIV
International AID Network IAN

Admirala Geprata 10, Beograd


Psychological counselling service for PLHIV


Dragana Nikolic, Country Programme Coordinator

website: http://partnerstvozazdravlje.webs.com
Alekse Nenadovića 12/9,
11000 Belgrade

Tel: +381 11 245 7072

Commissioned Studies

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